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Marijuana In Medical Practice.

Cannabis is one of the many drugs that have faced restrictions in terms of its usage and even some legislations have been passed limiting its usage and mass production. This mainly because of the effect it has on the person using it and even health concerns issues to all the people in a country. It causes the user to have many side effects such that they cannot be able to recover even when taken to medical centers for rehabilitation. Hence, marijuana is used only in small portions or in some countries, it is completely banned.

However, the drug can be used for medical purposes, only by the prescription of a qualified physician and not just any other person out there. We have medical institutions using marijuana for healing purposes or reducing pain and nausea or any other disease. It is a nice thing to say that, marijuana ia not only used as one of the major hard drugs we have in the world, but can also be used in curative purposes as this article will be explaining here.

Marijuana can be administered in various forms like the use of capsules or tablet, injection or can be included in the edibles. This is done by a person who is qualified in the right portions. Some nations have allowed the use of marijuana for medical practices but strictly banning its use in recreational means or any other means that is not medical related.

It has been found out that marijuana is used in relieving pain in some chronic diseases like cancer. It has been found that, for efficiency, when injected or even when smoked, it has the highest rate of effectiveness than when eaten with food. This means that individuals suffering from these diseases can use cannabis to reduce the pain.

Cannabis can be used in treating chemotherapy-nausea. The study that was carried out was found out that, marijuana is effective in reducing the effect of nausea compared to other conventional drugs. Despite its good use, marijuana has got longterm and short-term side effects.

Marijuana is used in treating neurological problems like movement problems. A mixture of marijuana and other drugs is a perfect cure for epilepsy and other diseases of the neural. Cannabis can hence be used as an alternative in curing epilepsy and other neural diseases.

Marijuana is used in curative means but care have to be taken to ensure that it does not result in lonterm adverse effects. It can, therefore, be advised that only use marijuana within the confines of a prescription by a medical practitioner.

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